Thursday, November 3, 2011

Change Of Scenery

After searching for 2 years we finally found our dream house and lately it's been all about home decor inspiration. Since it's quite a drastic change of scenery; coming from a very modern, down town loft to a 1975 Mansard house with lots of character in the middle of suburbia, I'm feeling the total opposite of what I use to like in terms of home decor. A few key words keep coming up when talking about the vision of our home: warm & cozy,  eclectic,  rustic  with lot's of character. I'm founding my self craving some brass and gold accessories,  no-match pieces of furniture to create set's and lot's of comfortable linens, blankets and cushions to finish it all of. It's probably going to be a while before our nest is a finish product but the process is absolutely delightful.

Photo credit: Restoration Hardware, unknowne (please tell if you know)

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  1. Mel ! So much warmth and beauty...I feel like cuddling up on one of the couches and read a book which is worthy of such beauty and comfort : - )..... Lâche pas ma belle, tes idées sont tellement bonnes, ton style est impeccable.