Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Lovely Afternoon

H&M veste, Zara top, pants & shoes, Banana Republic necklace, Micheal Kors watch, Longchamp bag

I love when a lunch rendez-vous transform into a full afternoon of chatting, eating, thrifting... even throw a little photo session in the mix. This is exactly what my AMAZING friend Stephanie and I did yesterday. For the occasion  I knew I had to put a little effort in the outfit department since being both bloggers (her way longer then I have) there was no way an opportunity for a quick picture wouldn't happen. I taught it was the perfect occasion to try on my new red pants. Even though it's a huge trend that is presented in every single fashion magazine this season, I decided to jump on the "red pants band wagon" since I'm such a sucker for bright colors.

Thank you for the beautiful pictures Steph!


  1. omg i LOVE the pics you chose!!! You look amazing and it's so awesome to see these pics posted!! ahhhh can't wait for more photo sessions!!! xx love you girlie!

  2. Love the outfit especially the stripes and jewels!