Friday, April 22, 2011

Rainy day remedy

The weather has been so brutal lately, feels like spring forgot about us. Even if Easter is just a few days away, tights, jackets and boots are still part of my daily wardrobe. Hopefully mother nature will bring warm and sunny days sooner then later. In the mean time here's a few things that are currently bringing colors sunshine in my life.

-YSL Rouge pur Couture : Le Orange & Le Fuschia-

-By far my favourite brand of nail polish : Revlon Scents of Summer collection- 

-New addition to my clutch collection: ASOS Grosgrain Boxy Handheld Bag & Boxy Clasp Bag-


  1. The pictures are sooo good and those clutches!!!! LOVE MEL!!!! such a good purchase: the colour and the unique shape: amazing and totally in tune with your style.
    Happy Easter lovely xx

  2. I have both Le Fuchsia and Le Orange from YSL. I'm wearing Le Fuchsia today...gorgeous! It totally makes this rainy day seem not so bad.