Friday, July 8, 2011

A few lovely Things

Fresh cut flowers are the best home decor accessories  via
 Summer's in full bloom and small details are making me so happy right now... farmer's market are bursting with fresh produce that sparks imagination for recipes, hair are tied up in a bun, sun is shining on our cheeks, dresses are floating in the hair and late car ride with a breeze are just so sweet... Everything taste, look's and feel's better when it's summer. 
Can't wait to make a batch of these on a hot summer weekend via

Hermes inspired dress from Zara

A little had on to our decor that make's me smile every morning

My favorite silver tray where my engagement ring rest's in at night

Bold maxi dress are my go to piece this summer


  1. OMG! I was scheduling one of my post's and linking to your blog and realized i had NOT seen this post yet!! WTH?!!

    You are SOOOOOOOO cute, Mel! I adore you!!! Love the summer feeling in these snapshots, the reflection of your Paris picture in the silver tray and how YOU this post really is! It completely reflects you're totally irresistible personality! and pls have me over when you get around to making those popsicles LOL! xx