Thursday, July 28, 2011

Turning 30...

On July 18 I turned 30. For the occasion my fiancé pulled out the big moves and organized a chic soirée at our house this past weekend. Without being a surprise it was for sure filled with tons of them. A chef, a waiter, a DJ, lots of my favourite gourmet foods and fancy alcohol (which I only dipped my lips in), cutest cupcakes and most of all my  lovely friends and family were all part of this unforgettable evening that I for sure will remember for the rest of my life... Its scary to turn 30, yes, but when I look back; all the fabulous friends that are still in my life, the most amazing man that stand right beside me since 9 years and ton's of old a new memories to come with my beautiful family...Turning 30 isn't bad at all. It's just a new take on how you see things and hopefully the start of the best chapter of my life.

Photo Credit: Vincent Diplacido & Stephanie Boridy  

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  1. ahhhhhhh HOW CUTE is what you wrote?! You're just adorable!! Every time i read a new post i love you more I swear!! THese pictures are all so great and so SUCH a great job of capturing the night's mood! thanks for having me as a part of it ;)


    one little thing: don;t know if it's just my connection...but some of the pics didn't load for me :(